Program will start with the in-person meeting at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland in the week 25.09 - 29.09.2023.

In the period of 30.09 - 24.10.2023 students will be engaged with preparation of the projects.

The final 3-day virtual workshop will take place during the period 25.10-27.10.2023.


Cryptography, Elliptic Curves, Lattices, Quantum Computing, Applications of algebra in other fields, Cryptanalysis, Cybersecurity

Short description of BIP

The aim of the workshop is to familiarize participants with advanced tools of modern algebra and algebraic geometry in the context of their use in computer cryptography and in applications to applied and industrial mathematics. The development of modern cryptographic techniques has led to a situation where standard encryption methods on phones, computers and dedicated devices use a very sophisticated algebra and geometry apparatus. At the workshop, we intend to attract global experts in the field of algebraic geometry and computer calculations and those with experience in the implementation of algorithms, to introduce participants to the fundamental new techniques that have emerged in cryptography and applications in recent years.

We plan to use the week of live meetings to conduct a series of intensive mini-courses in the given subject area. Participants will also take part in discussion sessions and mini-programming / hacking sessions, where we will analyze new computational techniques in practice.

During the session, students will also be familiarized with the proposed topics of credit projects. The projects will be implemented in international groups. The aim of the project will be to write software and implement algebraic technologies for a selected application in cryptography or industry. The use of advanced algebra will be an essential element of passing, and an additional criterion will be taken into account - the potential of using the project in practice. The best papers will be the basis for determining potential future bachelor's and master's theses and perhaps the source of new scientific articles written in cooperation with the leaders of thematic sessions.

The time-separated virtual component will contain a series of summary lectures and, above all, an online presentation of projects prepared by students during their visit to Poznań.
In our program, we will organize a social aspect related to the stay in Poznań.